The course and rules for taking the drug Testosterone Сypionate

Anabolic steroids allow you to accelerate muscle growth. Therefore, drugs in this area are popular among both professional athletes and amateurs. Before starting a course of taking funds, you should carefully study the entire wide range of anabolics. One of the most common steroids is Testosterone Cypionate.

The course and rules for taking the drug Testosterone Сypionate

In medicine, the remedy is taken for the problem of a low level of the hormone of the same name in men, it is also prescribed for children who have diseases of delayed puberty.

The action of the drug

There are a number of benefits that bodybuilders appreciate in this remedy:

  • activates the release of testosterone;
  • increases the rate of muscle growth;
  • increases strength in a short time;
  • stimulates intensive burning of subcutaneous deposits;
  • increases the body’s endurance even during intense physical exertion.

As for the intake of TC in bodybuilding, for an athlete this drug is able to “give” a lot of attractive effects. The first thing testosterone cypionate is loved for is an increase in protein synthesis, leading to nitrogen retention in tissues. In addition, all the useful components of food are absorbed much better. The result is an increase in muscle mass.

The second place is occupied by the restorative ability – TC easily increases the activity of myosatellites and muscle satellite cells. Testosterone cypionate also has a good fat burning effect, which can be easily explained by its joint effect on the body with leptin – this causes appetite and metabolism of fat cells.

With TC, bodybuilders and weightlifters increase their strength indicators. In addition, testosterone does not allow muscle mass to grow extremely actively (provided that the drug is used in the correct dosages).

The action of the drug

It is impossible not to mention that a good appetite is the key to a qualitative increase in muscle mass. Paired with taking testosterone cypionate, athletes achieve excellent results. Before you start taking the drug, be sure to consult a professional trainer who knows firsthand what pharmaceuticals for bodybuilders are.

A huge advantage of using this tool is its practical harmlessness, of course, when used correctly. And at the same time, it helps to quickly increase success rates in the sports field.

A set of muscle mass also occurs in record time of admission. However, do not forget that if the drug is used incorrectly, it can cause unwanted reactions in the body. Therefore, before using it, you should consult your doctor so that he can prescribe the dosage according to your physical and age characteristics.

Side effects

Primenyaya lyuboy steroid ili lekarstvo v meditsinskikh tselyakh, vazhno znat’ yego negativnoye vozdeystviye na organizm. Nepravil’nyy priyem Testosterona tsipionata tozhe mozhet privesti k ryadu oslozhneniy. Mnogiye sportsmeny aktsentiruyut vnimaniye na povyshenii potentsii i uvelichenii muzhskoy grudi. Takzhe mediki preduprezhdayut o poyavlenii akne, ugrevoy sypi, allergicheskikh reaktsiy, emotsional’noy nestabil’nosti i narushenii sna. Vse pobochnyye effekty mozhno predotvratit’, yesli rasschitat’ pravil’nuyu dozirovku i kurs priyema preparata.

When using any steroid or drug for medical purposes, it is important to know its negative effects on the body. Improper intake of Testosterone Cypionate can also lead to a number of complications. Many athletes focus on increasing potency and male breast enlargement. Doctors also warn about the appearance of acne, acne, allergic reactions, emotional instability and sleep disturbance. All side effects can be prevented if the correct dosage and course of taking the drug is calculated.

Features of taking testosterone cypionate

The half-life of the drug occurs within 16 days. Testosterone can be bought in the form of an oil. Enter the body by injection once a week. The course itself is about a month. The duration can be increased only on the advice of a doctor.

Features of taking testosterone cypionate

The average weekly dose is 250 to 500 mg. The exact dosage should be determined by the doctor, based on the body weight of the athlete. The course shows good results with “solo” application. An overdose causes a number of negative effects.

Along with taking testosterone, Tamoxifen should be taken additionally to exclude the possibility of an increase in estrogen in the athlete’s body. As a rule, it is prescribed in an amount of 10 mg per day. You should start taking the second drug in the second week of the main testosterone course and continue taking Tamoxifen for another 2 weeks after the end of the use of the anabolic.